Thursday, November 29, 2007

I am working~~~

Yes i started my new job yesterday, no more late sleeps, yum char, overnight game playing, etc... haihh
life have to change back to normal again, quite sad... just started the second day i already missing my college life ...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy new marriage~~~

Uncle Kong wish youhave a happy new life ~~~

My friend...

If u know what i mean ... i miss you soon...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Star Lecturers~!!!

I was flipping through a HK magazine and found out this ...

Wow... Their tuition Teachers are like boy bands one, so yao yeng, especially this uncle ~~~

take a look at this also ...

Are they Lecturers???

Lecturers in HK were Idolized !!! Sounds crazy but i think it actually might work.
So Tuition Centers in KL you should learn from them and faster idolize your lecturers like this~!!!

or this...

or even this~~


Friday, October 19, 2007

errr.. which one?

Went to a nice restaurant in puchong, Its a baba-nyonya restaurant called BIBIwok.
While having dinner there, i went to the toilet, and i saw this...

errr... shit!which one is for gents?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sports is good for health~~~

After quitting my job, time was pretty much too much for me to relax and do a lotta tings that i can't do while working, and that includes goin for sports ~~ so to refresh and to reexperience back the happiness that i have forgotten for a along time when i was in high skool ~ i decided to go play basketball wif moir frens~~ and it was a very nice night for me ~


Friday, October 12, 2007

Mmmm... Delicious~

MMMmm... I likey~~

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


details i cant tell coz people tat know me well will know y i am happy~

Friday, September 7, 2007

Same day, twice... she cares bout me...

[15:32] Shyng: i said....
[15:32] Shyng: "you and your shitories"
[15:32] Shyng: then the "shit" word kena censor.......
[15:33] Shyng: tau ah
[15:33] one station ~~ woohoo~~: wat is shitories?
[15:33] Shyng: shitories = shit stories.....
[15:33] one station ~~ woohoo~~: wher got tell about shit
[15:33] Shyng: got.....
[15:33] one station ~~ woohoo~~: where
[15:33] one station ~~ woohoo~~: show me
[15:34] one station ~~ woohoo~~: i dun tell no shit shit stories
[15:35] Shyng: TS FOOD POISON SEASON ~!!! beware my dear friends ... me and my mom at the same time encountered food poisoning,i am so tired... so... be.. carefull... zzz.zzz...z..
[15:35] Shyng: WAH!
[15:37] one station ~~ woohoo~~: hahaha
[15:37] one station ~~ woohoo~~: cannot ar~
[15:37] one station ~~ woohoo~~: my blog
[15:38] one station ~~ woohoo~~: and i din even mention bout shit somemore

there again, straight at my face again... my lovely sy...

This is what i call FRIENDS...

[11:20] Shyng: what movie??
[11:20] Shyng: what's new ar
[11:20] Shyng: i veli out liao
[11:21] one station ~~ woohoo~~: dunno
[11:21] one station ~~ woohoo~~: impak maxima
[11:22] Shyng: yer! haha!
[11:22] Shyng: yuck! dowan!
[11:22] one station ~~ woohoo~~: mimi say watch knocked up
[11:25] Shyng: anythin l
[11:25] Shyng: lo
[11:25] Shyng: up to u guys
[11:26] one station ~~ woohoo~~: den impak maxima can?
[11:26] Shyng: u don purposely ah
[11:27] Shyng: sei yeh ah
[11:27] one station ~~ woohoo~~: hahaha~~ wah not fair
[11:27] one station ~~ woohoo~~: i wan to watch wat u dun like
[11:27] one station ~~ woohoo~~: mimi wan watch knocked up can
[11:27] one station ~~ woohoo~~: haihhh
[11:32] Shyng: yalor~
[11:32] Shyng: i sayang him more mar
[11:32] Shyng: too bad lor~

WOW friends... straight at ur face...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

ARghh... food poisoning season...

ITS FOOD POISON SEASON ~!!! beware my dear friends ...
me and my mom at the same time encountered food poisoning,i am so tired... so... be.. carefull... zzz.zzz...z..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's Comin Back~~

Theres no more for me to say~ everything will br revealed on...

Ganjiong giler~~~ lol~~~

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

nice meal...

On last saturday, had a very nice dinner with three of my close friends, nice dinner, nice conversation, nice environment too~~
Hope to see u guys soon~~ hehe

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Deep V.... drooooolss...


Droooooolss somemore~~~

ARGHHH~~~~ Drools + a lil nose bleedin~

With Postcards this attractive~~ i will bleed to death lol~~

These set of postcards was gifted from a friend who just went to Triumph to buy her undergarments...

Pui: ei nah take this,
Han: Hmmm.? Wats this ? Deep v...
Pui: take la i know u want one ... ( put inside my plastic bag)
Han: so means u just now bought Deep v series bra ar?
Pui: shut up dun ask!

So means she bought lo hohohohohohoho~~~

I will send 2 postcards to somebody soon, so be patient and wait who will receive my fine gift hahaha~

Why Singapooooore~~~~


Heroes series casts are heading to Singapore on 30th august!!! Why ~ why not comin to Mal ...
so damn near also dowan to come here...
i want to see Ali~~ sexy gorgeous Ali~~~
i wanna meet Masi ~~~ wanna ask how to stop time ~~~

come la come la......

Monday, August 6, 2007


after 2 weeks of money saving, 2 weeks of hunger, 2 weeks of waitin, 2 weeks of frustrating tat y have to wait till now, FINALLY ~ went to Jogoya Starhill~ woohoo ~ I dunno why i am that excited, cos it costs me rm 100 for one freakin meal ~ it is ex man coz i asked SOMEONE to go but she says very ex la and have to save money la hundred bucks for a meal is freakin ex la bla bla bla den in the end she say din ask her to go...tat's when i noticed rm100 for a meal can be deadly for some ppl but deep down from my underlying, hidden , unrevealed inner self telling me to spent tat rm 100~ and go eat ! So, its really not my fault coz someone is making me go , not meeeeee~~~

The day has come and i am well prepared and brought my precious weapon( ringgit malaysia satu ratus) and fully trained phisycal( an empty stomach for the whole day) , ready to go battle ~~ yeah~!!!

Oh, these are the valuebles i exchange wif my rm 100~ muahahahahaha

ppl say hundred bucks for a meal is crazy, i see lotsa crazy ppl around here...

Hungry ppl eats like hungry ppl~

Hungry ppl looks like hungry ppl...

Oh the soup... oh the taste ...

A satisfied customer...

Another satisfied poser...

errr...Notin to mention for him ...

Oh all fuly loaded~

i din take pics for the foods coz i pay my hundred bucks to eat as many as i can, dun wanna waste my money ~ and if u wanna see foods in there go yahoo and type jogoya , lotsa blogs will pop up and wif nice photos of the foods in jogoya ~haha
but one thing i can tell is i am quite satisfied ~ and to be honest i felt it worth my money ~ yeah~

vids vids~

Last but not least~ special appearance from jere's bro ~ PHER~~
haha ya i bump wif jere's whole family in jogoya~ hehe
jere look at the vids the deb and noah one u see ur families behind them haha~

Monday, July 23, 2007

~~ Hans is nice ~~

I got my name in lights with

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

radio ad ~~ woohoo~

Found this while doing room cleaning~~ hehe enjoy must listen ~~!!!

Sounds familiar? hehehe hor sy ~

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ahhh such memories...

Ahh... memories, memories from 2 years ago... found one of my memories while i was tidying my room... Found the memories that words are not necessary anymore... pictures will bring me back to the old times...

some vids also...

How i hope to go back to the times i enjoyed......

Monday, July 9, 2007

Jalan-jalan cari makan~~~

Yup~~ went to Melaka with my dearest Soon, SY, and Kmin Apolo on Sun( 2-5-2007)... It just came without much planning i would say~ My main mission is... EAT EVERYWHERE ~ mUAHAHAHAHAHAHA * choke choke ...
The journey to indulge as many as u can starts in the morning while our Captain Soon lead us to his hometown Melaka~

Time: 8am
Location: Petrol Station
Food: Donuts
The first food that we indulge was dunkin' donuts from a petrol station~~ and everyone haven't had breakfast, so donut it is~~~

our Kmin Apolo is VERY VeRY HUNGARYYYY!!!

Never tot of eating donuts will end up like smoking pot...

Our first meal was having lotsa BALLZZZ~~~

After a nice meal of balls we decided to take a loooooooong walk along melaka street ~

Ah Soon told us that he uses these rubbers frequently so he had to take a pic to show he is a safety rubber supporter...

samurai rubber Soon

Samurai Rubber Soon Executing Siao Char Bo

Hiro wanabe and siao char bo

The Geisha The Queen and The Eunuch...

After a tiring walk Soon brought us to a Baba & Nyonya style restaurant to have some ais kacang

Very Authentic feel...

She is very Authentic also...