Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hello Hans!

Oh no! Since your order has already shipped, we are unable to change the address now. Hopefully the order will still be deliverable. If not, your order will get returned to us. If and when we get it back, we will send you an email notification to let you know. We will ask for an updated address and then send it again at no extra cost. It should hopefully still arrive, but if not, we will likely get it back in the next few weeks.

Sorry, there is no tracking number assigned to your package.

We don't use a typical postal shipping service. We use Mail Innovations. Mail Innovations is a specialized service from UPS that is quite different from their regular service. With this method, UPS processes and posts the orders we give them, then sort and handles the orders until they reach the destination country. Once it gets to the country where the final destination is, it is handed off to the local post office for delivery. UPS does not deliver your order and will not be able to help you with tracking. Outside of normal customs fees, no additional brokerage fees will be charged for this method.

Though this shipping service does not offer tracking, it allows us to keep our shipping prices low for our customers and to still get the efficiency and speed of UPS from the US to your country. Have a wonderful day!

Threadless Customer Service
Thank you for shopping at Threadless.com!

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